NATO sends extra troops to Afghanistan

NATO sends extra troops to Afghanistan

World June 29, 2017 19:36

brussels - NATO goes sixteen years after the Americans invade the country to send additional troops to Afghanistan. Fifteen countries have decided to step up their efforts after a Washington request. But the Netherlands is not there yet (yet).

Allies have little desire for a new adventure in Afghanistan, where many Western soldiers have left the lives of 25 Dutchmen. But they also see that the Afghan government is unable to maintain security and the Taliban rap gains influence. How many additional troops are being sent, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg could not say on Thursday after a meeting with Ministers of Defense.

According to the American minister, Mad Dog, Mattis is now about 70 percent of what is needed. 'We have quickly demolished our troops,' he told the former government of Obama.

Minister Hennis (Defense) does not want to make any commitments because the cabinet is demissionary. Previously, she said that in her regard, the current efforts of hundreds of Dutch people in Afghanistan are continuing. An extension, which the US actually wants, is not yet available.

The Americans themselves are still in the midst of a review of their Afghanistan mission. Probably half past July, Mattis gives Congress a long-awaited report.

NATO pulled back troops in 2014 from the country. In the context of Resolute Support, a training mission has been set up that will enable Afghans to take care of the security of their own country. Nowadays 13,000 soldiers contribute.

In addition to the NATO mission, the US also has its own counter-terrorism mission. At the height of the war, 140,000 militants were stationed in Afghanistan.

According to Stoltenberg, it is now important to take one step. 'We do not think it will be easy. There will be no peace this year, nor next year, 'said the Norwegian. He wants to break the 'stalemate'. 'As long as the Taliban think they can win the war, they do not negotiate peace. '

He clearly stated that NATO will not fight again in Afghanistan. It will be temporary for extension of the training mission.

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