Mystery 'weatherwolf baby' solved

World October 19, 2017 12:33

kuala lumpur - After days of insecurity, the Malaysian police found an explanation for the mysterious 'baby', with resemblance to a wolf, which caused a lot of panic and left some residents anxious at home.

According to the police, it is a very detailed silicone doll, available for sale on the internet. This communication is a great relief for residents of the Pahang region: in reports on social media that went viral, it was said that the baby was transferred to a laboratory at a secret location for research. That sounded seriously.

Immediate discussions began. Thus, the government would like to keep the discovery quiet. Some people were no longer daring the street. In the meantime, the police are trying to push all the commotion. 'The animal is one hundred percent counterfeit and we urge everyone to focus on kittens in order to quickly detect the panic that arises,' said Agent Datuk Rosli Abdul Rahman.

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