Mystery: again severed foot washed ashore on the beach Canada

World December 13, 2017 21:48

sooke - And again a severed foot washed up on the Canadian coast near Sooke. Since 2007 it is the 18th foot that ended up there. For local residents and the police it is still a mystery how this can be done.

This time the discovery was made by a man who was walking with his dog on the beach on 8 December. What makes it even more miserable is that a piece of leg hung at the foot. After the police had been engaged, a search was started to find more body parts, but this was unsuccessful. This report several Canadian media.

A coroner now examines whether it is possible to determine from whom the foot comes. In addition, it is checked whether it concerns an accident, suicide or murder.

The locals, however, seem to barely look up from these kinds of finds: it is since 2007 already the 18th time that a severed foot has washed ashore. Of the eighteen feet and shoes found, the authorities could only link two to each other.

Though there are theories that the findings may have to do with the number of missing young people in the region in the last decade. Others claim that it comes from the victims of a plane crash in the area in 2005. Even stronger stories: feet of tsunami victims or even murdered drug dealers.

The Canadian judiciary thinks a little more nuanced about this: it is probably a combination of tides and sea currents with accidents near the coast (due to storms) and suicides. The feet are then released by corpse decomposition and thus in a natural way. The other body parts then sink to the bottom. The feet are not, because they are often in shoes with foam soles. This keeps them afloat and eventually rinses them.

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