Mysterious pinproblemen in China

Mysterious pinproblemen in China

World September 25, 2016 09:39

- Travelers going to China this time, would do well to not only bring a bank card, but also a credit card or cash. Since this week, many Dutch to Chinese banks suddenly more not withdraw money from their Maestro card.

The troubles seem to take customers from all Dutch banks, such as Rabobank, ING and ABN Amro. The use of a credit card for the time being it seems to be possible.

Dutch people who are suddenly confronted with an empty wallet, may at their bank for an emergency regulation in the form of an advance, which they can pick up at a local bank cash with their passports.

A manager of a branch of Bank of China claims that, as far as he knows, is not a problem with his bank. ' But I've actually seen that many foreigners suddenly no longer able to take in the ATMs, \'he says. Other Chinese banks say to know nothing.

Gert-Jan Gerrits of Brabant Rijkevoort, which as an expat living in Beijing, came this week after he suddenly no money could get out of the wall.

' I have my last money bought a mountain of rice, so I can attend forward, \'he jokes.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

' But seriously, this is annoying. I recently had 24 business partners from the Netherlands, and most had I think only a debit note, because it lets you pin normally just. Which right now had heaps misery \u0026 nbsp; had. \'

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