Muslim-Marine in dryer plugged

Muslim-Marine in dryer plugged

World September 20, 2016 00:24

- A Muslim member of the US Marine Corps is trained by an instructor stopped in a big tumble. The victim suffered burns. That The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The newspaper has it in his own words in documents relating to three ongoing investigations into serious abuses and discrimination in a training of the Marines in South Carolina.

it's the Marines instructor accused the Muslim recruit to have stopped several times in a large dryer and who have turned. The investigations into abuses in the training of Parris Island on the coast of South Carolina are already since March. When a Marine came to training of Pakistani origin were killed by a fall. He fell twelve meters down a stairwell when he fled for the same instructor as that of the dryer."

The trainer is a sergeant and he shouted the Muslim recruit that,, you all still kill us as soon as you have a chance, not where terrorist? He put his victim in a dryer and could continue to work after this story to had come over. Senior officers did not believe it or ignored it. It is not the only abuse in Parris Island.

There were also gay men and other minorities are victims. At least twenty employees can expect legal problems. According to the newspaper, there are already rolled heads. Thus, a commander of a training unit, a lieutenant colonel, removed from office in March. In June, followed his boss in the training organization, a colonel, and his close associate, a major.

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