Musk dreams of colony on Mars

Musk dreams of colony on Mars

World September 27, 2016 22:54

guadalajara - Billionaire Elon Musk on Tuesday announced plans to bring large groups of people to Mars and colonize the red planet. By rocket would have to be transported hundreds of passengers plus cargo, for a rate of approximately two tonnes per person.

His company SpaceX has been established with the aim to colonize Mars. Before that only large groups to find volunteers as it is not too expensive, Musk, who also said the cradle of companies like PayPal and Tesla.

SpaceX Tuesday gave a free video with images how would a trip to Mars in his work. A launcher would be a passenger cabin in an orbit around the earth bring, the Washington Post wrote. The rocket would return to earth to collect fuel for the capsule, which then must go towards Mars.

The first unmanned flight of the launch vehicle is planned for 2018. If everything is tested every 26 months SpaceX would like to organize a flight to Mars, when the planet favorable relative to the Earth. The first people would be in 2024 on Mars to land.

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