'Mugabe gets 8 million'

World November 25, 2017 23:57

harare - Former president Robert Mugabe gets a golden handshake of 8 million euros because he gives up his dominance in Zimbabwe. This is claimed by a source within his party ZANU-PF against the British The Observer.

Mugabe immediately gets 4 million in cash. Then more payments follow. The exact number is not known, but according to the source it will be around 10 million dollars, converted more than 8 million euros.

Until his death, he also continues to receive ordinary salary (150,000 dollars a year) and once his wife passes away, his wife Grace gets half.

Earlier it was already known that Mugabe avoids trial, and that he does not have to flee his country. He just continues to live in his spacious villa, known as 'Blue Roof'.

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