Mountain village in Tirol closed off from outside world

World December 26, 2017 16:15

false - A catastrophe and a Christmas wonder at the same time: the village of Vals in Tirol has been shut down by a landslide from the outside world. A huge, loose mass of stone masses down the access road. None of the 150 inhabitants present were injured.

On Christmas Eve a part of a rock wall came loose and literally thundered down. Tens of thousands of tons of stone block the road to the Austrian village, about 40 kilometers south of Innsbruck, over a distance of 150 meters. Just before the incident, some families with children had passed the spot where most of the stone mass ended up.

Geologists warn that the danger has not yet passed because they have discovered new fault lines in the rock face. Rescue workers have already started clearing the immense amount of rubble. The small road is expected to be partially used again on Wednesday.

If necessary, the population can be supplied with food and aids through the use of helicopters. Vals is a village that receives tourists especially in the summer. It is now relatively quiet.

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