Motorcyclist climbed murder truck

Motorcyclist climbed murder truck

World July 15, 2016 13:54

- A motorcyclist has Nice attempted to come aboard the murder truck that crashed into a partying crowd, while certainly made 84 fatalities. That tells the German eyewitness Richard Gutjahr (42). The person on the motorcycle attempted to penetrate the cabin, but eventually ended up on the wheels of the truck.

Gutjahr: 'I stood on the balcony on the Promenade des Anglais to watch the partying when suddenly a truck drove slowly through the crowd. The truck moved when not so fast and was chased. The motorcyclist tried to open the door of the truck, but it went completely wrong. He came under the wheels of the truck correctly. Then the man in the truck gave a lot of gas and drove zigzagging through the crowd. In the next 15 to 20 seconds I heard a lot of gunshots. Then the panic to hit. People sought a safe heenkom in the hotels. Immediately afterwards I saw 12 dead, but I soon realized that it would be much more. '

Whether the man or woman on the motorcycle survived the attack is not clear.
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