Mother terror brothers surprised

Mother terror brothers surprised

World November 16, 2015 14:45

molenbeek - The mother and relatives of the three brothers terror have given a remarkable statement in which they say they are surprised at the role of the brothers.,null, He might have let off the explosives go through the stress. "

The brothers Abdeslam from Molenbeek played a major role in the horrific terrorist attacks on Friday in Paris. Brother Ibrahim then detonated a bomvest, brother Mohamed was arrested and brother Salah is still on the run.

Their mother, the horrors of her sons are not arrive, reports The Telegraph.,null, We were very surprised that Salah was involved. Ibrahim, we saw indeed radical. At least a little. But not so that he would carry something terrible. " According to the family of the brothers, then it was not his intention to kill people.,null, The fact that his bomb exploded without leaving others slain, says enough. "

Another family member fills her and says that Ibrahim wanted to be a killer.,null, Maybe the explosives accidentally went off too early or was it the stress ", said the remarkable explanation of this family.

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