Mother gets four children lost at station

Mother gets four children lost at station

World January 10, 2017 17:39

leipzig - A three year old boy ran off Tuesday at the Berlin Central Station and only got into the train to Leipzig. The police said that while the mother ticket had to buy her enterprising offspring took off. When the woman from Peru and living in Italy, turned disappeared her four sons aged up to six years. They alerted in all states the police.

Who found two children near the place of disappearance back, the third was later found on the Berlin-S├╝dkreuz station. Shortly thereafter followed the redemptive call. An observant conductress found it strange that a boy of three unaccompanied ticket was on the train and informed the police.

At the end of the afternoon, the family was reunited in Leipzig. 'The little boy, who only Spanish and Italian speaking, wanted his name not say and fell from sheer fatigue from the exciting journey on the desk asleep,' said the investigating officer.

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