Mother driver Charlottesville did not know any plans son

Mother driver Charlottesville did not know any plans son

World August 13, 2017 11:57

charlottesville - The mother of James Alex Fields who is suspected of being assigned to a group of protesters in Charlottesville, thought her son was in a meeting for President Trump. She did not know it was a protest march of extremist white nationalists.

'I knew he would go to a protest march. But I'm not trying to keep up with his political views. I do not mind that. I just helped him move and I watch his cat, 'Samantha Bloom told AP in an interview.

Bloom was not yet aware of the news from Charlottesville and was informed by AP's journalist about the drama. 'I thought it was something to do with Trump. He is not a racist. He had a dark friend so... '

Bloom warned her son for irregularities. 'I said he should be careful. And if it would be protested that it would be done in a quiet way. 'There were no calls at Bloom when her son told her about alt-right. She did not understand correctly. 'He said it was' albright ',' Bloom said. James Alex Fields (20) was raised by his single mother after his father was killed by a drunk motorist just after Fields birth.

Field is suspected of being invaded by protesters protesting against the extreme right-wing mars. In addition, a woman died and injured tens of people. Fields has been arrested and stuck to suspicion of murder.

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