Mother doodrijder 'begged' Hold him '

Mother doodrijder 'begged' Hold him '

World June 20, 2016 19:27

zelhem - Now it appears that several people- including his own parents- have sound the alarm that it threatened to go wrong with 'doodrijder' Rémon W., the outrage over the tragedy in Zelhem will only increase. Mother Monique van der Sandt had even predicted in its immediate circle that her son pyschotische Rémon,, himself would do something and thereby would take another. '

As previously reported, also Rémon show last year already totally freaked out, which he drove into the home of his ex-brother in law with his car. Which locked himself in his bedroom, with a raging Rémon doorstep. A month later he attacked his father with tear gas and drove his car into two agents. Initially he was detained for six months for this, but the court suspended to the astonishment of his parents' custody, including on condition that he would swallow his pills. Last week he stole the car from his psychologist and popped in Zelhem head-on car from the Van Haaften family.

This time W. remains otherwise be stuck, so certain the magistrate of the court Gelderland Monday. This partly because of the danger which he again makes a mistake.
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After a difficult childhood went further and further downhill Rémon W. But only the last three to four years, he had serious mental problems and hit a first time in a psychosis. After bipolar disorder was determined medications were prescribed. The doctors allowed him to drink, as it could unpack totally wrong. But Rémon calculated fled into alcohol and drug use. A combination that proved disastrous. It led to fierce anger explosions. Rémon was repeatedly admitted to psychiatric hospitals and undertook two suicide attempts.

Monique mother held her heart when she saw continually get into trouble her son. She is now especially angry at the judge who put her at large seriously mentally ill son:,, During the trial I told his psychiatrist that my son should be released under any circumstances. There would be accidents. 'All Monique would never have predicted that it would be a four-year-old infant.

Because Rémon more times people had been run, including two officers, they feared he would use his car more often as a weapon. Stepfather Ton, whether it is suspected that Rémon W. in Zelhem deliberately drive from Van Haaften family drove into:,, I have my thoughts, but I say nothing about it. '

The two will also not go into the matter:,, It's all bad enough. 'Even biological father René want to lose little. According to him, remain issues surrounding the care of psychiatric patients- in which social workers are often subject to rules and procedures- typically within the rooms and they only come in excesses to light. As except for his son earlier Bart U., the psychiatric patient former minister Els Borst stabbed.,, That is actually the same story, 'said Father René Monday in response to the outrage that is pushed around his son.

The affected Van Haaften family is part of the restored Reformed Church in Stolwijk, a tiny religious community of about 180 people where everyone knows each other. According to Reverend Van Blijderveen Sunday morning during the weekly worship service obviously thought about the drama. Of Blijderveen, who visited the injured family members in the hospital:,, We have done soberly. It goes without saying that this is a big blow to our church community. '

The press court of Gelderland court had previously know that would prevent the court correctly with condition that W. would continue to slide. Especially in psychiatric patients provides criminal law no 100 percent certainty according to the press court.,, And I can assure you that this is also pretty lays into the staff of the court. '

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