Mother dies of 'broken heart' after dead son

World December 6, 2017 22:51

south shields - A British woman died after she buried her son (10) a month ago. She died of a heart artery fracture, according to the coroner's 'broken heart'.

'The coroner told me that he actually wanted to put 'broken heart' on the death certificate, because according to him it was what it was', says the father of the deceased Ashley Tomlin (32) to The Shields Gazette.

The 10-year-old Jak got his funeral in the canteen of the local football club, of which he was a fan. Then followed a period of mourning for Ashley. Yet she recovered, fairly quickly, again. 'She had started making plans again and tried to continue with her life,' says a relative.

Still, it went wrong one evening, in the presence of Grandma Jill. 'She heard a strange sound and when she came in, she found Ashley,' says the relative. Later it turned out that it was a heart artery fracture. The family says that it is intensely sad.

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