Most money for care, teachers and safety

Most money for care, teachers and safety

World September 19, 2017 07:00

the hague - The Dutch household book is in order. Unemployment is falling and purchasing power is rising. With this positive message, the Cabinet Rutte II is closing today's final budget.

In the throne, the king is expected to look back on the merits of the VVD / PvdA cabinet today. Now that the PvdA is sinking, it is assumed that the frost will stand on parade horses of that party, such as the higher teacher salaries and the pluses in the purchasing power.

The contradiction that strikes Sint Maarten will certainly also be dealt with. It is expected that the king will call for mercy and unity in our kingdom.

Minister Dijsselbloem (Finance) will present his suitcase to the Lower House this afternoon, containing the Millionnote. Of this, many news has been ejected earlier. Extra attention is paid to safety, teachers, the tax and, of course, the care, which is more expensive than ever before.

The Million note, which could be unveiled by De Telegraaf on Friday, indicates that care this time even pushes Social Affairs in the case of public spending. The more expensive care will be felt by everyone in the wallet next year.

In any event, both the care premium and the risk of self-sufficiency increase. The average monthly premium will be around 113.50 in 2018 and its own risk will grow from 385 to 400 euros. The lowest incomes are compensated for the rising costs of care. Their health insurance will increase by 130 euros next year.

The accused nursing home care receives a lot of money. It has to cheer up the quality in healthcare institutions. By 2018, it will amount to a small 500 million euros. Over the years, this must grow to 2.1 billion euros a year.

The commissioning cabinet also reserves extra money for security in our country. The money, about 120 million euros, flows among other things to intelligence services AIVD and MIVD and the police. There is also more money for the marsh troops to guard Schiphol and there is a National Expertise Center for Terrorism. A total of EUR 26 million is available for cyber security.

Secretary of State Wiebes (Finance) gets 75 million extra to unleash his tax office. The fiscus has outdated computer systems. The extraordinary contribution issued by the Cabinet serves as a buffer. It can be used if the tax collection is compromised.

Primary school teachers, as it appears now, have a big plus on next year's payroll. Rutte II makes 270 million euros extra for free. It earns such a little three percent extra salary. The teachers themselves are dissatisfied with it. They find that they should get more money and will end on October 5th.

When it comes to purchasing power, there is positive news. On average, everyone gets 0.6 percent next year. Employees are 0.7 percent the most ahead, but benefit recipients can also note a plus. For them it is 0.3 percent. Retirees increase 0.6 percent in purchasing power. The unemployment rate will be on 390,000 people next year.

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