More than 2 tons of ICT costs

More than 2 tons of ICT costs

Tech August 16, 2016 09:42

utrecht - The city of Utrecht has since the appointment of the new college in 2014 more than 200,000 euros of external ICT costs incurred for building websites. This is evident from the documents Telegraph requested via a Wob request.

The external costs seem high, but a pittance compared with other cities and the national government. Building complex websites for governments can sometimes be up to 50 000. The city of Utrecht has that amount by no means.

The most expensive website for the church is the new site of Utrecht City Business (UCIB), commissioned by the Department of Economic Affairs. The design and construction of Ucib. en initial cost 24. 000 euros in 2015. Each year, an estimated amount of 15 000 to maintain the site.
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State Welcome Districts at number two in terms of costs. ie for 20 800 euros. On this site are care services for residents of Utrecht mapped.

Two years ago showed that the Dutch government each year between 1 and 5 billion wasted on ICT failures. In that period Utrecht also wanted to digital tentative plates, such as the idea to create his own Wikipedia for residents of Utrecht.

The past year shows, however, especially to create the necessary sites and manage the municipality and are external costs per site with. The city of Utrecht paid the last two years for the maintenance of a dozen websites, such VitaalOudinUtrecht. en Utrecht Environment. en Participedia. viz.

The biggest expense is called Swing licenses which data is mapped to include close monitoring and WistUdata. Total cost of the license, the municipality in 2014, 2015 and this year a total of 43 190 euros.

The cheapest of the municipality's website Utrecht Waste. en with only 360 euros annual fee, then Church Watching follows. ie with an annual maximum of only 450 euros.

The site in Utrecht. nl is managed by the municipality itself.

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