More rest on your way with B \u0026 O headphones

More rest on your way with B \u0026 O headphones

Tech June 15, 2017 15:06


B \u0026 O Play, Bang \u0026 Sister Company Olufsen, today launched the Beoplay E4. The active noise cancelling headphones are designed as a stylish and indispensable accessory for fathers and travelers who desire peace and quiet.

The Beoplay E4 suppresses low-frequency sound up to 15dB, thanks to the combination of a dual-microphone input with active noise suppression, headset records ambient sounds and separates this from the headphones by producing a signal that produces unwanted sounds, such as aircraft, trains and the work environment Filtering away.

With just one quick action, you can turn off music and active noise cancellation at the same time to return to the sound of your environment. With the same gesture, the ANC can be turned on and start the music you stopped.

The Beoplay E4 is black available for € 249.

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