More and safer online with government

More and safer online with government

Tech September 20, 2016 14:54

- Businesses and citizens should all be able to handle their business with the government digital appearance next year. That the Ministry of Interior. It should also be further safer and easier.

The department also further binds battle with certain incomes: ' Money that we earn together, we do indeed prefer to what we think is important: restoration of employment, health care and education. Not too high salaries of directors in healthcare, education, at corporations and broadcasting. ''

The incomes of the top executives in these sectors have already been curbed: deserve since 2015, senior officials of the government, in principle, no more than a minister salary. But the government wants to limit the salaries of all employees in the public and semi-public sector. Otherwise, someone called no top official, still collect a towering wage.

The ministry wants to make real momentum next year with the modernization of the powers of the intelligence service AIVD, although it should be done with proper safeguards for privacy. The AIVD should have more opportunities to identify questionable business via telephone and Internet.

Interior will also consider next year on the fees to board members, particularly those in smaller municipalities. Which often have the same work as their colleagues in larger municipalities, but get less for it.

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