'Moon and Earth will eventually collide '

'Moon and Earth will eventually collide '

World February 8, 2017 15:03

amsterdam - The distance between the moon and the Earth is at present annually by 3.8 centimeters, but there goes according to experts to change in the future. And that will be associated with catastrophic consequences. That report American media.

Experts believe that over billions of years will be a collision between the two bodies. The probability that we will experience still is minimal, says Professor Leen Decin of astronomy at the University of Leuven Nieuwsblad. be. 'Within five billion years the sun will become a red giant hundreds of times greater than the relatively small star that she is today. The sun will be the same size as the current orbit of the earth. And that is dangerous. Mercury and Venus will all certainly swallowed by the sun. '

What happens to the earth itself will happen is unclear. 'We do know that the larger sun will shine much harder and therefore likely to eradicate all forms of life on our planet,' says Decin. The sun will lose a lot of material during the growth phase through a strong stellar wind. This process will be seven billion years in fabricated a small white dwarf- the size of the earth- that hardly emits light.

This evolution of the sun will provide a stronger attraction of the moon to Earth. Dr. Jason Barnes of the University of Idaho said Tuesday in American media. 'In the end- in 65 billion years- it will come to a catastrophic collision,' he says. 'The sun is a white dwarf already tens of billions of years, the earth would be frozen. But if the collision takes place, can change that. The energy then released, will cause that the earth is a vast ocean of magma. '

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