Mobileye produces sensors to Tesla

Mobileye produces sensors to Tesla

Tech July 28, 2016 12:33

jerusalem - Tesla is no longer working with the Amsterdam-Israeli company Mobileye, which supplied the sensors for self-propelled cars. Following a fatal accident with a car like that. Which clashed earlier this year without brakes on a truck crossing. The sensors were unable to see the truck and the brakes, they saw the truck on a road sign.

CEO Amnon Shashua Mobileye made the break known. It is not clear who has broken with whom. '' We have decided what we decided, '' said Shashua though. He also said there was' 'a lot at stake for the reputation of Mobileye and the entire industry.'

Mobileye and Tesla still work together in the development of the current EyeQ3 chips, but that's it.
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Mobileye continues with BMW and Intel. Also working on self-driving cars. Tesla continues to develop its equipment as possible themselves.

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