Mobile check-in KPN customer gets recapture

Mobile check-in KPN customer gets recapture

Tech July 24, 2017 11:54

amersfoort - KPN customers can still use the 'OV chip mobile' app to pay in public. The check-in app gets a reset. When the app is available again for them, it will be determined after the summer.

Shortly after the introduction on May 22, there appeared to be so many childhood diseases that the mobile check-in was shut down for KPN customers. Meanwhile, solutions are being worked hard. '' We are also open for feedback. Come along especially if you think it's easier! 'Said a spokeswoman for the check-in project.

Users found it hard to log in to the app, which turned out to be very cumbersome. Only downloading the app was not enough, as well as having to go through the internet to make the payment. For Vodafone customers, that was not a problem, because they could already put a wallet on their mobile. For KPN subscribers, that did not work.

Issues also arose because of the interest, which was much greater than expected. 'We were overwhelmed by that. We have not been able to test such a massive offer, 'said the spokeswoman.

The word flop does not want to put it in the mouth, but she acknowledges that the app might be imported too fast. 'We could better name a beta version that is still under development. For us it has become 'learning by doing' now. But the people who travel there are passionately enthusiastic. ''

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