Missing prison nurse (45) found dead

Missing prison nurse (45) found dead

World April 27, 2018 11:39

- The body of the missing Christine Lenaerts (45) from the Belgian Grobbendonk was found by a walker on Thursday evening along a towpath in the Belgian town of Olen. The nurse from the prison in Antwerp was discredited last week after she had taken care of an escaped prisoner at home. Then she disappeared without a trace. The woman may have been killed by force.

Christine Lenaerts (45), a nurse who had been working in Antwerp prison for more than twenty years, was suspended with immediate effect last week because she had taken care of an escaped prisoner at her home the previous weekend.

That prisoner, Ashley V. D. V., was about to marry in prison. But that marriage never continued because the woman had not returned after a weekend of penitentiary leave.

Completely upset, the woman called at nurse Christine Lenaerts two weeks ago. Both are from the same region in Grobbendonk, but of course they also knew each other from the prison.

Ashley said she had received a beating from her boyfriend. She was looking for shelter. The nurse took her in, with the condition that Ashley would report to the prison after the weekend.

When they almost arrived at the prison on Monday, Ashley suddenly jumped out of the car and fled. The prison management saw no choice but to immediately suspend the nurse because she had not immediately contacted the police.

Christine Lenaerts stated that she had panicked when she saw the struck Ashley. During that weekend, she said she was also threatened by Ashley's friend Marco L. 'He has stalked and threatened me on the phone all weekend. Now I am terribly at home, with a baseball bat within reach, 'she said last week.

But on Thursday it turned out that Christine Lenaerts had disappeared without a trace since last Sunday evening. She had still deposed her father in Antwerp, but since then the woman gave no sign of life anymore.

The police searched with all their might for the woman, who was found dead by a walker on Thursday evening around 8.30 pm in the vicinity of the towpath along the Herentals-Bocholt canal in Olen, Belgium, on the other side of the Umicore business site. Her body was in the thicket, hidden in the undergrowth.

A good source tells Het Nieuwsblad that 'everything points to murder'. The parquet has started a murder investigation. 'The woman is more than likely killed by a crime. '

An autopsy should clarify the exact cause of death. Nobody has been arrested yet, according to the parquet.

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