'Missing Persons' Office Problems'

'Missing Persons' Office Problems'

World June 16, 2017 17:48

the hague - The Police Missing Police Office has insufficient manpower. In addition, the people in the team who have to assess whether a missing child is in danger is not all expert enough and there are sick people.

In addition, the system for reporting notifications is not working properly, according to research from RTL News.

Police League ACP claims that the team could not do what it was set up for. The corps leadership of the National Police admits that there are problems. 'Given the relatively short times the four people work in the team, they can not all be considered as full-fledged specialists. In order to adequately fulfill all the tasks related to the task package, wider occupation would be necessary. '

The ict system is not working well either. 'The automated notifications sent will appear on a mailbox configured for this purpose. The content of these reports is so short that, in this case, a correct estimate of the loss can not be made in all cases, 'said the corps lead.

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