Ministers dismissed after stupid stupid statements

World January 9, 2018 14:24

warsaw - The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has removed important ministers from his cabinet: Witold Waszczykowski (Foreign Affairs) and Antoni Macierewicz (Defense) have been dismissed, after they have repeatedly been scorned with statements about, for example, 'vegetarians and cyclists'.

The two ministers would have surprised foreign partners several times with contradictions and unpredictable statements. That would have caused irritation among their colleagues. Because Poland tries to improve its reputation abroad, they have to leave.

The fact that they can get out of the way strange has not only known colleagues, but also in public the gentlemen often made 'striking' comments.

Waszczykowski got all international media when he criticized the previous government. 'They had a left-wing concept in which the world would get a Marxist model, with a mix of races and cultures, a world of cyclists and vegetarians, who only use renewable energy and renounce all forms of religion. '

He also said he met a delegation from San Escobar, but that country does not exist at all. On TV he once used the word 'murzynskosc'. That means something like 'nigger'.

Macierewicz was less diplomatic. 'The United States has only been its own state for 200 years. What should they teach us about democracy? ', He wondered, after criticism from the US on the Polish government: a diplomatic blunder, especially at the time when Warsaw was begging for extra US military personnel along the Russian border.

The Minister for the Environment has also been dumped. Jan Szysko argued in Brussels with a commission from the European Union and that is now costing him the head. Szysko stubbornly adhered to large-scale logging in the Bialowieza Forest, harvesting criticism from UNESCO and various NGOs, but also the European Commission.

The political scientist Jacek Czaputowicz was appointed to Foreign Affairs. Mariusz Blaszczak appears at the Ministry of Defense, who was at Home Affairs until now.

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