Millions of Afghan children do not go to school

Millions of Afghan children do not go to school

World June 3, 2018 06:21

kabul - Almost four million children between the ages of seven and seventeen do not go to school in Afghanistan. About 2.2 million of them are girls, reports the UN children's organization UNICEF in a report that was presented in the Afghan capital Kabul on Sunday.

More than sixteen years after the start of the massive international relief operations, almost half of all Afghan children currently have no access to education. An important reason is the intensification of the war with the radical-Islamic Taliban and increasingly with the terrorist organization Islamic State. In addition, more children have to work because of increasing poverty. In addition, there is a huge flow of refugees within the country's borders. Humanitarian aid workers have registered more than 100,000 war refugees this year.

UNICEF reports that schools are often closed in the vicinity of combat areas or that parents decide not to send their children to school anymore because the road to school is too dangerous. This applies in particular to girls.

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