Millionaire abused parking card disabled mother

Millionaire abused parking card disabled mother

World August 31, 2017 11:27

london - The 58-year-old real estate engineer Errol Lipman goes a long way after breaking the parking ticket of his disabled mother for a free spot for his peperdure Mercedes. The Londonman has been tamed with his fingers. He was in a hurry, according to the millionaire who says he is very sorry for his action.

Real estate broker Errol Lipman parked his Mercedes of 38,000 euros near some shops and put a copy of his mother's parking card for the disabled. The card was not even valid, because he had been running for over a year. That's what The Sun writes.

The rijkaard, who lives in a villa of more than 8. 000. 000 euros, was caught by parking guards.

He had to be in court for his act. The prosecutor was particularly sorry that he abused his mother's expired parking card while 'every reasonable person knows this is wrong'.

Lipman confesses and says extremely sorry for his 'impulsive action'. 'He is as repentant as a man can be', so advocates his lawyer who explains on behalf of the 58-year-old bugger who was in a hurry for an appointment. 'It was perfect, completely foolish,' adds.

Her stone-rich client has received a fine fine of over a thousand euros. There he could have parked his expensive car for quite a few hours at a designated location...

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