Military grounds are home to ancient temple

World November 30, 2017 13:45

tel aviv - Archaeologists have discovered a 2,200-year-old building in Israel under a military site. They assume that it is a temple or palace from the so-called Herodian era. The discovered building measures 40 by 45 meters.

The dynasty of the herodians existed from the first century BC until the end of the first century AD in the Jewish land. Originally this dynasty was a royal lineage that already went to Israel from Jordan in the fifth or sixth century BC.

The excavation took place in the vicinity of Jerusalem. The archaeologists found two stone altars, among other things. One of them was decorated with the figure of a bull. Finds from that era are very scarce, archaeologists say. The building was discovered by drones who searched the area with cameras. On the sculptures, archaeologists discovered structures that betrayed the presence of buildings.

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