Mieke Telkamp wás Where, for which

Mieke Telkamp wás Where, for which

World October 20, 2016 12:09

- The deceased was yesterday Mieke Telkamp and is world famous in the Netherlands because of her song. For years it graced the top ten songs on funerals favorite. She was 82 years old.

And yet she had the time, we write the song in 1971 and marked her comeback in music for a long career. With hit after hit, though there are few that stand the test of time have passed. Prego, prego, gondoliere there was one, who also scored huge in Germany. Telkamp there was anyway very popular, if only because she was the first Dutch singer who sang after the war in German.

And there were awards such as the Golden Gondola at the Venice Festival. She stood in a prominent location festival that of Knokke and they played in the Snip and Snap Revue. Another primur followed in 1978, when she became the first person in showbiz Knight in the Order of Orange Nassau was. An award which she was very proud.

But her health played her in the second half of the 60 and tricks on the advice of her doctor she had to put an end to her career. But she could not leave, so she dived in 1970 singing in the studio again, with Where, for which the main result. Records did make them ever since and still she would also act on radio and TV, but the shelves, that time had passed.

Incidently Where, for which a cover. The music is by the world-renowned traditional Amazing grace which Charles Hille made a Dutch text. Mieke Telkamp recorded the song along with the Hi-Five on. Eventually, they would number more than sell a million copies.

For television viewers Mieke Telkamp became a familiar face, she was in 1973 to 1983 in the jury of the who-knows-quiz by Peter Knegt Jens and later Fred Oster, also famous for the guinea pigs who competed. The readers of the magazine Weekend could contact her at her own advice column. A nickname where Mieke Telkamp itself really stopped laughing, arose from the way Ferry de Groot in the Thick voormekaar Show on the radio the emphasis placed wrong: it was Mie Boiler Camp.\n  \n  \n   advertisement

In recent years Mieke Telkamp lived very withdrawn in Zeist. Further forcast about the cause of death was not given; There is goodbye to her in private.

The family gave no details on the cause of death. The farewell will take place in private. It will, on its own explicit request, Whither, which can not be rotated. ' Before that I included the hymn of death from Once upon a time chosen in the West, we have also turned to the death of my husband, 'she once said.

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