'Microsoft keeps ontsleutelcodes Win 10 '

'Microsoft keeps ontsleutelcodes Win 10 '

Tech December 29, 2015 17:42

redmond - Who uses Windows 10 looks thanks to the built-in encryption program completely protected from hackers, but according to the intercept Microsoft stores the standard ontsleutelcodes users in the cloud. This makes it possible for attackers to potentially hack users.

         If you encrypt data in Windows 10 manual with BitLocker you get the choice to put the ontsleutelcodes on a USB stick or upload it to your Microsoft account. If your system and your data automatically encrypt let go these codes at all times to your Microsoft account and as potential problems, writes the intercept. If your Microsoft Account namely in the hands of malicious users, they can steal your ontsleutelcodes and decrypt your data.
To see if you ontsleutelcodes already been uploaded, you must log into your Microsoft account. There you can see the code if you need to remove eight again. Please note that you first write down the codes or saving in a different way, because once thrown away, the codes can not be restored.
About Windows 10 in a school or business environment, need according to the site to worry. Ontsleutelcodes not go to Microsoft, but to the local administrator. Incidentally, Microsoft is well known when it comes to data so even if you uploaded codes, yet it does not seem necessary to make a lot of worry.

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