Metro app blends news with puzzles

Metro app blends news with puzzles

Tech June 28, 2017 20:15

- Metro has launched a new app for the traveling millennial. With news, videos, puzzles, location-based discounts and interactivity, the generation between 18 and 34 years is taken during the trip.

Multiple times a day users get new content pre-recorded. In the morning, Metro's Minute (video with the most important news in one minute) and at the end of the workday showbizz news. In addition, the quizzes, horoscopes and Thinking puzzles provide entertainment. The app also has various options to give an opinion, for example via polls or by responding to emoji with an article. This will also determine the relevance of a message.

The Metro app (for Android and iOS) also includes coupons that match the interests of the reader or the location they are at the moment or if there is a challenge. Like a Red Bull ticket at the train station and auction credit on holiday auctions. Nl.

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