Message on phone is a testament

Message on phone is a testament

World October 11, 2017 14:54

brisbane - An Australian court has sent an unsuccessful text message on a phone as a testament of a deceased man.


He said in that message, 'All I've Got' to leave his brother and cousin, the BBC reported. His wife had objected.

The message was found in a folder containing unsent messages on the phone of the man who committed suicide last year. He told cash to hide 'behind the television and in the bank'. He also explained how his relatives could access his bank account.

The man's wife argued that the will was not valid because it had never been sent. Usually in Queensland, at least two witnesses must also sign such a statement. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court of that state wiped the criticism of the table, inter alia because the man's message ended with the words 'my will'.

It is not the first time that the authorities in Queensland accept an unusual testament. That also happened in 2013 with a DVD that had 'my will' as a caption.

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