Melania ticks ex-wife Trump on her fingers

Melania ticks ex-wife Trump on her fingers

World October 11, 2017 03:27

washington - US President Melania Trump has taken out to her husband's ex-husband. It hit her according to American media in the wrong throat that Ivana Trump joked during her interview about her new book that she is the first lady.

Ivana Trump, the mother of the three oldest children of President Donald Trump, told ABC News to have a 'direct number' of the White House. She suggested 'to be the first wife of Trump. I'm the first lady, ok? 'She laughed. Americans refer to that term to the wife of the president.

Melania responded to the statements by a spokeswoman. 'This statement by an ex-person clearly does not make any sense', the witness told CNN. She also said that Trump's current wife 'intends to use her title and role to help children, not to sell books. '

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