Megaboete for dirty dog ​​food

Megaboete for dirty dog ​​food

World July 17, 2017 11:39

antwerp - Antwerpers with a dog risk a fine of up to 350 euros if they just let their pet puddle everywhere. 'Teach your dog not to raise his paw wherever he wants', is the advice of the municipality.

Dog urine causes (odor) nuisance, damaging plants, street furniture and facades and is also unhygienic, according to the municipality. Bosses must ensure that their dogs do not water against doors, porches, mailboxes, flowerbeds, garbage bags, couches, lanterns, traffic lights and cars or bikes. Dog poaching must be cleaned up, memorizes the municipality.

For residents who want to make the message clear to dog owners, a free poster is available. 'Best animal, do not pee here. Do not let your dog pee on facades, 'is readable.

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