McCain: Russia cyberattacks act of war

McCain: Russia cyberattacks act of war

World December 30, 2016 22:03

kiev - Russian cyber-attacks are an 'act of war' and the United States to Russia as 'charge for price.' Those harsh words spoke a US Senator John McCain Friday during a visit to Kiev. The Republican will endeavor to further strengthen sanctions against Russia.

McCain thus runs counter to the plans of president-elect Donald Trump, who won the elections as a candidate of the Republican Party. Trump has just indicated that he seeks better ties with Russia and wants to get rid of the sanctions. Even before taking office is thus a conflict lurking between Trump and some of his own party.

According to former presidential candidate, which is possible lost to Democrat Barack Obama's election in 2008, to impose 'Russia many penalties. 'He is thinking of measures against individuals, organizations and financial institutions.

To the country where he was a guest, McCain promised that 'no US Congress will sacrifice the freedom and independence of Ukraine. '

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