Mayors adhering to boerkiniverbod

Mayors adhering to boerkiniverbod

World August 26, 2016 21:00

- Mayors from various French municipalities adhering to the boerkiniverbod, now the Council of State ruled in a preliminary decision on a town that goes such a prohibition against civil liberties. The police in Nice will continue to hand out fines to Muslim women who do not obey the ban, says the mayor of the resort. Also in Frejus are Muslim women who wear a regular swimsuit still fined.

The mayor of Sisco, a town on the island of Corsica, has the same opinion.,, There are much tension and I pull my decree not, '' said Mayor Ange-Pierre Vivoni against BFM TV.

The State Council Friday put a line through the ban on BURQINI in the town of Villeneuve-Loubet. The Conseil d'Etat called the ban,, serious, and obviously illegal infringement of fundamental freedoms, freedom of religion and individual freedoms. '
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The French League for Human Rights had protested had appealed against the ban in that town. It is a provisional decision that the Council of State in a position to take the time to come to a more thorough assessment.

According to the lawyer of the League should now banned from the table everywhere as a result of the decision of the State Council on Villeneuve-Loubet. In 32 French municipalities banned Islamic swimsuit. The municipalities that instituted the prohibitions argued that Islamic swimsuit frightens people and therefore is a threat to public order. Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy, who wants to make another bid for the presidency next year, spoke this week for a nationwide ban.

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