May be new British prime minister

May be new British prime minister

World July 11, 2016 14:48

- Theresa May, the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Her last attacker Andrea Leadsom has pulled this afternoon from the battle. They say they have enough support from Conservative members in the House of Commons.

Leadsom thinks the country needs strong leadership at this time. A nine-week battle over the Conservative leadership did not help, says Leadsom in a statement.

It is not yet clear when May will take over the duties of current Prime Minister David Cameron. Before the decision of Leadsom came unexpectedly. At the weekend she made a valiant impression. In an interview for The Times newspaper vergaloppeerde the relatively inexperienced Leadsom themselves. She seemed to say that her rival May was less suitable for the premiership due to the fact that May had no children. Leadsom says that the newspaper deliberately twisted her statements. She apologized to May for the impression she had awakened.
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Even without the slip about the power of motherhood, Leadsom was not much chance of the premiership. Although she could count on the support of the most fanatical Brexiteers- Leadsom had advocated Brexit, May for EU membership- was her inexperience by much of the grassroots as an objection to experience. Most members of the Conservative Party did not know her until her star in the last television debate before the referendum suddenly rose. In the fierce debate revealed the smile and reassuring message of Leadsom a highly contagious future outside the EU.

The succession of Cameron now comes in a rapid speed. All enemies of May have prevented in recent weeks. In some cases it was bet on the wrong horse. Until recently slain dyed successor to Cameron George Osborne, finance minister was fierce for EU membership and saw his political future after the referendum shattered. Therefore, the former London mayor Boris Johnson was the leading candidate. That, however, dropped off by a stab in the back of his Brexit-companion Michael Gove. The Conservative members of the House of Commons Gove forgave these political fratricide and not preferred Leadsom.

May announced this morning in store for a new political direction. The daughter of a pastor wants to ensure that the party's elitist character itself afgooit. Cameron went to the exclusive boarding school Eton simply, May at the public high school in Eastbourne.

In a statement Leadsom said they want to work on narrowing the income gap in the United Kingdom. Her tone was such that political commentators all-minded actors in the departure of Osborne as finance minister. By the withdrawal of Leadsom is the renewal of the British Cabinet accelerated.

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