Mass demonstration in London for brexit referendum

Mass demonstration in London for brexit referendum

World October 20, 2018 17:00

london - In the center of London, tens of thousands of people took part in an anti-brexit demonstration on Saturday. The demonstrators want a new referendum about the brexit. According to the British media, the organizers say that as many as 500,000 people took part in the demonstration. Beforehand, they had announced that they expected 100,000 people.

Among others, the London mayor Sadiq Khan participated in the parade. He tweeted that the march is a 'historical moment in our democracy'. A remarkably large number of students also participated in the demonstration of People's Vote. The organizers especially called on young people to participate in the event, because their opinion was ignored two years ago, according to People's Vote.

If the government succeeds in making agreements with the European Union about the conditions of the British departure, the people should be given the opportunity to express themselves on this, according to the demonstrators. The demonstrators in London carried, among other things, European flags and signs with slogans such as 'Exit Brexit. 'A young demonstrator had the message:' I am 16. Brexit has taken away my future. '

Prime Minister Theresa May is against a second referendum, but her party is also in favor. The British government and the remaining 27 EU countries have not yet succeeded in reaching agreement on the divorce and the relationship thereafter. Actually, there should already have been an agreement, but that turned out to be unfeasible. Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier received more time for negotiations with the United Kingdom earlier this week.

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