Marechaussee gets ten migration dogs extra

Marechaussee gets ten migration dogs extra

World September 3, 2017 09:39

rotterdam - The Royal Marechaussee will train ten additional migration dogs. These dogs are checking lorries and are used in the ports of Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland and IJmuiden and at the border crossings in the south and east.

This confirms the mare crusade after reporting in De Gelderlander. Now the marechaussee already has four of these dogs. According to the marechaussee, the dogs are urgently needed to combat human trafficking. 'In trucks sometimes double walls are hidden behind people. Whether they are in a hermetically sealed cooling trailer. We can not unload all trucks in the ports. A dog is our best tool. It smells all over the place. There can not be any electrical equipment on it, 'says the mare.

Most human trafficking takes place in Hoek van Holland and Europoort because the ferries leave for England.

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