Mandatory EU asylum quota on slope

Mandatory EU asylum quota on slope

World September 26, 2017 05:03

brussels - The flag is available in countries like Poland and Hungary. The EU is no longer obliging them to include certain numbers of asylum seekers from Italy and Greece. The so-called asylum quotas have caused major tensions in the Union in recent years because Central and Eastern European countries refused to participate in this.

This week, a package of measures was ratified by EU ministers two years ago. In the midst of the 2015 asylum crisis, it was decided to mandate redistribution of refugees, who at the time arrived massively by boats in southern Europe. Countries like Poland and Hungary were overwhelmed, but never succumbed to their defeat. It has fueled strong anti-EU feelings in those countries.

The European Commission announces the plans for asylum on Wednesday. Sources emphasize that the need to work with quotas is no longer due to a dramatically reduced inflow. The Commission wants countries that voluntarily choose recognized asylum seekers to support financially and thus stimulate that way.

A year ago, the so-called Visegrad countries (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia) advocated 'flexible solidarity'. They now seem to be served on their hints. 'The imposition of solidarity must be discussed,' said a source.

The reversal will therefore be interpreted as a victory in those countries that deal with hand and tooth against the quotas because they were the principle.

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