Man with the largest 'young man' officially disabled

World December 21, 2017 09:30

mexico city - Roberto Esquivel Cabrera would like to build a career in the porn industry, but the Mexican government has now officially registered him as 'disabled' because of his 48 centimeter long penis. Doctors questioned his 'performance'.

Cabrera has trained his 'young owner' himself with weights, but at the same time claims that it is a big problem. 'I go to the food bank every day. I get a meal at noon ', he tells the Daily Star.

'I can not run fast, wear uniforms in companies, and I can not kneel,' Cabrera sips. He now receives a kind of benefit from the Mexican government.

Doctors are critical. Cabrera would actually only have a youngster of 15 to 17 centimeters, while the remainder is foreskin. That is why the Guinness Book of Records does not recognize his penis either.

'We advised him to have surgery, so that he can get a normal form that does not hurt, and so that he can enter into sexual relations, and make children,' says doctor Jesus David Salazar Gonzalez. 'But he does not want to. He probably just wants a bigger young man than everyone else. '

At the same time, Cabrera maintains that he would be suitable for a career in the porn industry. In order to build his career, he wants to return to the US. There he was previously convicted for showing himself naked to underage children. 'I am happy with my penis and want to become a porn star. I'm sure I can earn a lot of money. '

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