Man trying to electrocute pregnant woman

World December 30, 2017 04:48

jacksonville - The most bizarre domestic violence case of my career, sheriff Rick Staly calls it. An American man has set up a booby staircase to electrocute his wife through the door.

When homeowners of the couple came by for inspection because they had been anxious for some time, they saw a short text, written in lipstick, above the door: 'Hi', with two eyes above it. Then they saw something behind the door. They called the police. Agents who arrived saw burn marks at the handle.

One of them decided to open the door. That resulted in a big spark. Then officers saw what was going on: a booby staircase was built, with a car battery charger, electric cords, a rod from the shower, tape and chairs.

Experts saw what the intention was: the intended victim had to put the key in the socket at the same time and touch the handle. If that had happened, the probability of 80 to 100 percent that they would die, according to research. The plan of Michael Wilson (32) was carefully designed. For example, he had thrown cameras into the toilet and removed a lamp.

Police research shows that the motives in the relational sphere must be sought: Ashley Lauren Wilson (29), the wife, has filled in a request for a divorce, after an argument in which Michael accused her of cheating.

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