Man lived next to dead woman for ten days

World November 24, 2017 10:36

hoeselt - A Belgian appears to have lived next to her ten days after the murder of his wife. Only when the police asked Benny C. about a shoplifting, the case came to light.

Benny strangled Cindy van de Weghe (35) after the umpteenth quarrel in the summer of 2015 in her chair. Then he put his wife in bed.

'It was the first time in my life that I took the confrontation', Benny C. said at the court. 'She stood up and wanted to hit. I took her by the bathrobe and threw her in the chair. She offered resistance. I got a blackout but it was never my intention to deprive her of her life, 'writes Het Nieuwsblad.

After the argument he washed his wife and dressed her to put her in bed. He lived next to her corpse for several days, until the stench became too much for him. Then Benny moved in with a friend for a few days.

Ten days after he killed his wife, on 30 July 2015, he had to report to the police because he was suspected of theft.

After the interrogation, Agents wanted to take a look at Benny's home and found Cindy's now-decomposing body in bed.

According to the court doctor, the woman may have died due to strangling sex. Benny denies that.

According to him, his wife died a natural death. Justice does not believe that because the Belgian has not asked for help.

It is also striking that the minor son of Benny was sent away the day before the death of Cindy. The suspect also sent a text message to his ex-girlfriend in which he wrote that Cindy would 'do them no harm'.

The 41-year-old Belgian now faces a prison sentence of 18 years. Judgment on December 21st.

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