Man is 30 years with the wrong grave daughter

Man is 30 years with the wrong grave daughter

World August 10, 2018 06:57

london - George Salt has been thrashing at the cemetery for 30 years at the wrong grave.

From the moment his daughter Victoria died, two days after her birth, he regularly came to the grave and talked to her and cried regularly for the loss. George shared with her all his life.

But recently the tombstone suddenly disappeared. The Englishman went looking and quickly found out what had happened. The stone was placed in the wrong grave in the 80s. It was not until recently that the employees had discovered this mistake and moved the stone without telling George.

'I apparently talked for years against a piece of land where she was not at all,' says the sad Englishman against the BBC.

The city council of Manchester has in the meantime apologized. Salt can now grieve further at the right grave.

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