Man in expensive Ferrari begs for money for petrol

World December 1, 2017 11:15

santa ana - In the American Santa Ana a man was arrested who was begging for money for petrol. That was no reason for the police to arrest him. The fact that he drove a very expensive Ferrari and nevertheless was begging anyway.

The agents thought it too suspicious that he was crushing in a white sports car of roughly 265,000 dollars (222,000 euros) and arrested Israel Perez Rangel (38) on suspicion of theft and vandalism.

Rangel would be the Ferrari 458 in Cosa Mesa at the Ferrari \u0026 amp; Maserati or Newport Beach Service Center have stolen. The keys would have been in the lock when he took off. This reports The Orange County Register.

The police had received a report that a Ferrari was rather swaying. In another report it was said that the driver at a gas station was begging for money for petrol.

When the agents arrived, Rangel fled. Soon he was spotted behind some bushes and beaten in chains. The sports car suffered some $ 50,000 damage. So he had the Ferrari logos of the car demolished.

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