Man hit by lightning during speech wedding daughter

Man hit by lightning during speech wedding daughter

World July 11, 2017 22:54

lower wood stock - A man from the Canadian state of New Brunswick will not forget his daughter's wedding soon. While he was speaking, he was struck by lightning. 'My family was shocked,' said JP Nadeau, who was frightened.

'I thought I would fall dead,' said JP Nadeau against CBC News. 'I just told my new son-in-law that he was a lucky guy when I was hit. Tree!'

On Saturday, July 8th, Nadeau was hit. On his way to the wedding of his daughter in Lower Woodstock he had not noticed the thunderstorm. He stood down with his back to the bad weather during his speech when a lightning blow hit him.

'I had a microphone in my hand when I suddenly got hit. My hand lighted up and I was a big spark. It seemed like I had a lightning blast in my hand. It was great, 'said Nadeau.

Although his family responded shockingly, nothing seemed to be going on. The wedding just went on. 'It was a beautiful wedding,' said Maggy Thomas, Nadeau's wife. 'But that was a bit scared. '

In 2015, Nadeau was already in danger. He was on a cruise ship near the Falkland Islands when fire broke out. Then he was rescued by the British Air Force. 'I get more often in touch with death. But death keeps me ignoring. '

Nadeau has a scar on his thumb now. 'But I'm fine. Even my knee now feels a bit better. '

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