Man hates women behind and shoots them

Man hates women behind and shoots them

World August 26, 2018 10:48

houston - Nicholas Dagostino hates female car drivers so much that he decided to shoot them. Dagostino is linked by the police in Texas to two recent shooting incidents, in which two women were hit separately in their arms.

Both incidents took place in broad daylight. This is what Tampa Bay Times reports. Dagostino was the suspect in both incidents, but claims that he shot the women to defend themselves.

Messages from Dagostino on social media show that he does not have women very high. For example, he writes that women are incompetent only to put male babies on the world. That's how the police writes.

The most recent incident took place on July 10 at a car wash. The victim stated in a statement that at the moment that he entered the car wash, she heard a blow, after which her car window broke. She assumed that a stone had caused her window to break, but a few seconds later she noticed that her arm was bleeding.

The other victim was shot at the moment she entered a petrol station.

On camera images it can be seen that the green Ford Explorer from Dagostino, drove the victims' car at the time of the 'attacks'. This is how Dagostino came on the radar of the police.

The perpetrator says he shot at least five times on a female driver.

The 29-year-old Nicholas now hangs a hefty prison sentence. His lawyer argues for the fact that the police investigation is based only on assumptions. 'A lot is called, but little is said. I have not seen any evidence and we will undermine all assumptions. 'Thus the lawyer.

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