Man had sex with lover during jubilee sick wife

World November 10, 2017 16:09

london - A British woman just diagnosed with skin cancer has received a heartbreaking message from her husband during the 1 year anniversary of her marriage. Julie Roberts sent a congratulations, but Pete Mansfield's response was a mourning on her roof: 'Ha ha ha, congratulations you too. I've just had the best sex ever, with my extremely sexy partner. '

The marriage was not already a slate roof, but during the 1 year anniversary Julie had hoped for more upbeat news. She was on holiday with her daughter- from a previous man- when it came to heartbreaking news. Earlier, her husband had said that she 'earned the cancer.'

The 'best sex ever' was the drop but did not stop it. 'I'll take her to the restaurant for a nice meal, with the money I'm now earning,' wrote 47-year-old Pete Mansfield. 'It's heartbreaking, the worst thing that ever happened to me. My self-assurance was ruined. So terrible that the man I love can do something like that, 'she says to The Sun.

Mansfield is remarkably airy. 'I was no longer in love. And found someone else. And do you know why she got cancer? She uses sunbeds like a fool. Four or five times a week. All I have said is that I have little compassion because it is caused by herself. '

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