Man had sex with dead girlfriend

World December 8, 2017 18:39

danielson - A gruesome sex offense holds the American place Danielson in his grasp: a 39-year-old man has declared having had sex with his girlfriend, when he was already deceased.

When the ambulance responded to a call, they found a dead woman, with heroin needles around her. A detective saw strange spots on her wrists: it seemed like she was tied up.

Aaron Graser (39) began to talk quickly: he found his girlfriend motionless on the bed, and heard to see if there was breathing. 'Then he heard a kind of gurgling', as you can read in the official report. 'Aaron knew how his girlfriend hated sex with him, so he thought she might wake up if they had sex. '

The judge thought that was probably a bad excuse, because Graser received a one-year prison sentence. That he also tied his girlfriend- a 'fetish' of him, he stated later- did not help either. When the sex was over, he dressed the woman again, and called his neighbor.

The autopsy report shows that the woman was indeed dead before the sex started. The gurgling-like sounds that Graser heard could have been gases that escaped the body as a result of death, a medical specialist said.

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