Man gets mail for British Prime Minister

Man gets mail for British Prime Minister

World December 12, 2016 10:06

london - While most Brits know who is on 10 Downing Street residence in London, the postman was one of Sam Bass equally confused. He received a letter by mistake in his bus destined for May. And that is remarkable, because the unknown Brit lives in a very different part of London, in Danbury Street.

'We often get mail for previous occupants. I decided just to go through the stack and then discovered the letter. 'Probably could unravel the postman it difficult illegible handwriting on the envelope but tricky, says Sam.

However, the name of May is indeed legible. Her title is 'P. M. 'stated: Prime Minister. 'That's not to be missed. And as far as I know, the Prime Minister has never lived here. '

Sam neatly done post the letter last weekend. The temptation to see what was inside, he was able to resist. 'But for the same money this letter was delivered to a less trustworthy person. '

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