Man forgot the murder executed

World November 6, 2017 16:54

washington - The US Supreme Court ruled that a state-of-the-art state of Alabama could be executed because of the shooting of a police officer in 1985. Vernon Madison (67) was already sentenced to death in 1994 but received some strokes in his death cell, causing him to can not remember his actions or explain.

A lower court in the state of Alabama had decided not to execute the death penalty because of those strokes. According to the court, Madison 'could no longer understand the connection between his crime and his punishment. '

After the case had passed several courts, the Supreme Court stood here, with nine votes in favor and zero. According to the supreme American law, Alabama 'has not shown enough that Madison is ignorant to meet his punishment. '

Madison was severely handicapped after the strokes. He is in a wheelchair, is blind, speaks hard and shows signs of memory loss and suffers from symptoms similar to dementia. He has never taken responsibility for the murder.

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